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You are probably familiar with these {definitionbot=disable}terms from television or newspaper headlines. And they're showing up in classrooms, too: West Nile virus. Genetically-engineered food. Flash flooding. Extreme storms. Heat waves. Hole in the ozone layer. Epidemics. Infectious diseases. El Niño. Global warming. Loss of biodiversity. Urban sprawl. Air pollution alerts.

This site will help you separate science facts from sound bites. You will see how events occurring on the other side of the world, far up in the atmosphere, or as close as your back yard, make a difference in your life. Whether you have already read some of the site or are just starting out, we know you must have some big and important questions.

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about:

  • Taking Our Temperature
    (Warming of the Earth and its impact on our weather, our world, and our health.)
  • Hole in the 'Zone
    (What's happening to the ozone layer—the natural sunscreen that shields us from harmful sunlight—why it matters, and what we can do.)
  • Unbalancing Act
    (The growth of cities, changes in agriculture, and dwindling natural habitats generate new opportunities—and new problems.)
  • What's Left to Eat?
    (Looks at worldwide food production and water usage and explores the tough—but necessary—choices that we must make.)
  • Our Small World
    (Why does globalization have both opportunities and concerns, how does our health benefit—and suffer—from a shrinking globe.)

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