Real Science

EcoHealth is the brainchild of Dr. Jonathan Patz, Professor at the highly regarded University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin, where he directs a university-wide initiative on Global Environmental Health. He also directs an special Certificate on Humans and the Global Environment (CHANGE), and teaches a graduate-level course entitled "Health Impact Assessment of Global Environmental Change."

Several years ago, Dr. Patz gave a lecture at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Afterwards, an audience member from a foundation suggested creating a website that would make cutting-edge environmental science accessible to students and teachers. EcoHealth the result of that idea. The site distills Patz' internationally recognized expertise and course materials—along with stacks of scientific research, reports, articles, books, and interviews!

Through EcoHealth's gestation, Dr. Patz, website educator and creative director Marjorie L. Share, and their colleagues have carefully reviewed all material. They continue to monitor and update the site to ensure that it reflects the latest and most accurate scientific information.

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