Project Ideas

EcoHealth offers students a wealth of information for papers, presentations, and other projects. Here are just a few examples of how you might use the site.

Current Events: Tired of doing the same old article summaries? Try playing newspaper editor or news reporter. Find an article on an environmental or health issue and use EcoHealth to learn more. Then draft "editing notes" that critique the story and offer suggestions for revision.

Ecosystems: Pick an ecosystem, such as a mega city, forest or coral reef to study. Use EcoHealth to learn how global environmental changes have affected that ecosystem.

Debate: Need to do a class presentation? Why not team up with a classmate to research and debate an environmental and health-related topic? Suggested sample topics include:

  • All farming should be organic.
  • Clean water is a key part of fighting disease.
  • Everyone should stop eating fish.
  • Genetic engineering is our best tool for feeding everyone on Earth.
  • Global warming is just part of a natural cycle.
  • Grocery prices don't reflect the true cost of food.
  • Malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases can't be stopped.
  • Ordinary people can't really do anything to stop the destruction of our environment.
  • People worry too much about the environment.
  • The U.S. government should raise gasoline taxes to encourage conservation.
  • Globalization encourages the spread of diseases.

Observation: Look out the window or walk or bicycle around your neighborhood to identify ten or more things that affect human health. Take photos or make sketches to use in a report or presentation. Some ordinary things that we take for granted such as trees and pavement affect our lives in big ways.

Vocabulary: Create a crossword puzzle or story using entries from the EcoHealth glossary.

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