Core Topics

EcoHealth has five {definitionbot=disable}major chapters or topics. The first screen or page of each chapter provides a menu of sub-topics or subjects for that chapter. The site map serves as an overall table of contents. Search boxes at the top of each screen allow you to pinpoint particular subjects or areas of interest anywhere on the site.

Taking Our Temperature

  • Take a detailed look at global warming and its consequences.
  • Find out how climate change may spark extreme weather: droughts, hurricanes, violent storms, and floods.
  • Learn how diseases spread and about the risk of new epidemics: cholera, malaria, West Nile virus, SARS, Chagas' disease, and more.
  • Discover why El Niño may offer a "sneak preview" of our climatic future.
  • Distinguish between good and bad ozone.
  • Explore potential solutions to global warming.

Hole in the 'Zone

  • Get an overview of stratospheric ozone depletion.
  • See how ozone forms.
  • Learn how scientists discovered the hole in the ozone layer and identified its causes.
  • Discover how the sun's rays affect your health and what you can do today to protect yourself.
  • Read about international efforts to protect the ozone layer.

Unbalancing Act

  • See how human actions disturb the balance of nature.
  • Find out how modern agriculture, deforestation, urbanization, diverting rivers, and other human actions affect biodiversity.
  • Peer into nature's medicine chest.
  • Explore some secrets of animal behavior that could boost your health.
  • Learn how environmental degradation causes the spread of disease.

What's Left to Eat?

  • Face the challenges of feeding a growing population.
  • Learn how water scarcity affects food supplies, malnutrition, and the cost of your groceries.
  • Explore the crucial role that worms, bees, and nematodes play on even the most technologically advanced farms.
  • Weigh the benefits and costs of industrial farming—e.g., fattening cattle on huge feedlots—and discover alternatives.
  • Examine the promises and perils of genetic engineering, our dependence on chemicals for farming, and the growth of fish farming.

Our Small World

  • See how globalization presents both opportunities and concerns.
  • Learn the difficulties of fighting diseases without borders.
  • Find out about policing pollution in a global era.
  • Understand the "bio" in bioterrorism.

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