Class Prep

Background Information: Get a solid, up-to-date {definitionbot=disable}grounding in a variety of science curriculum topics. It can also be a resource for geography, history, language arts, and math.

Current Events: Find examples and details related to topics that surface often in the news. Such information can help you frame talking points and questions for class discussions, assignments, and projects. Awareness of scientific news can help students grasp that science is far from static. New discoveries and insights constantly emerge.

Images: Use them as departure points for class discussion while helping students improve their skill at reading maps, charts, and graphs.

Links: Connect students with sources for delving deeper into a topic. Help pupils explore the work of NASA, NOAA, CDC, WHO, NIH and other agencies working on the frontiers of science and medicine.

Questions & Answers: Grouped by EcoHealth section, these queries can help you anticipate students' (or parents') inquiries, research subjects that interest your pupils, and draft test questions.

Updated Information: EcoHealth connects your lessons to the latest science news and can help you determine whether textbooks and other classroom materials reflect current scientific research.

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