Unbalancing Act


Learn how environmental changes brought on by the action of humans are throwing natural systems "out of balance" and impacting the health of people all over the world.

If you've ever lost your balance then you've realized once it was gone just how important it really is. That's true of the world around us too.

Modern farming feeds more and more people. Technologies move water to where we need it most. Cities grow and spread. But in accomplishing all this, we also upset the balance of nature. Forests come down. Fertile soil washes away. Microbes move to more places more quickly. And record numbers of plant and animal species disappear—all showing that human actions can turn things topsy-turvy.

Explore this battle for balance. Discover the challenges we face and the choices we must make. Learn what can be gained, and what can be lost. See how you can make a difference.


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